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World Health Organisation, International Classification for Patient Safety


ICPS (International Classification for Patience Safety) is a project of the World Health Organization (WHO), in the context of the World Alliance for Patient Safety. The aim of the project is to develop an international classification about patient safety that can be used by all global agents associated with this sub-area of Health (government, hospitals, doctors, etc) in a variety of applications (reports on events related to patient safety, searches of scientific papers, proposals for improvement of protocols, etc.).

UPM role in ICPS

The project is divided in a set of sub-objetives, or work threads, and the UPM is focused in the number 4, so-called Formalism and Knowledge Engineering.


People of the OEG involved in the development of the ICPS proyect are:

Job opportunities

There are currently no job offers or studentships available in this project. For offers in other projects or research areas of the group, please check in our job opportunities section.

However, you may contact Óscar Corcho to check whether there are any potential open positions in the near future.



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