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wf4everWf4Ever will propose and develop a software architecture and reference implementation for the preservation and efficient retrieval and reuse of digital libraries of scientific workflows, addressing some of the biggest challenges standing in data-intensive Science:

(a) consideration of complex digital objects that comprise workflow models, the provenance of their executions, and their execution environment and context, (b) the provision of access, manipulation, sharing, reuse and evolution functions to these complex digital objects, and (c) integral lifecycle management functions for workflows and their associated materials. The Wf4Ever implementation will extend one of the most widely deployed scientific workflow sharing infrastructures (myExperiment) with preservation capabilities that consider the complexity of scientific workflows and their related objects. It will also leverage advances on workflow lifecycle management, collaboration and sharing support, and integrity and authenticity maintenance. Finally, Wf4Ever will test and demonstrate project results in two workflow-intensive scientific use cases:

  1. Astronomy, as a web-service, data and metadata rich discipline, which is starting to develop a workflow oriented approach, for which Preservation can be taken into account from the beginning. Several different workflows will be presented, which also represent different challenges from the point of view of preservation.
  2. Genomics, a discipline that requires access to and integration of varied data formats having rich metadata. The enormous volume of data production now needs standardized approaches to the preservation of data, experimental methods, and metadata. Wf4Ever tools will be employed to preserve and reproduce workflows supporting human disease studies, demonstrating knowledge reuse across disease studies.

A more detailed description of this project is provided in the project website.

OEG's role in Wf4Ever

UPM will lead a workpackage on workflow evolution, sharing and collaboration, whose main objective is to provide adequate means to maximise share and reuse of the preserved Research Objects, while supporting their evolution and versioning and facilitating collaboration among scientists. This will permit overcoming the limited collaborative support for sharing and reusing workflows that exists in most of the current workflow management systems and repositories. To achieve this objective, UPM will exploit social features stemming from social networks and complement them with formal models, while considering Research Object evolution at the core of the proposed models.


The members of OEG involved in Wf4Ever are:

Publications and other results

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Additional information

  • Start date: 01/12/2010
  • End date: 30/11/2013
  • Contribution of the European Commission: 2.940.000 €

Job opportunities

There are currently no job offers or studentships available in this project. For offers in other projects or research areas of the group, please check in our job opportunities section.

However, you may contact Óscar Corcho to check whether there are any potential open positions in the near future.



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