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LinkedData(.es) is a website where you can have a quick look to the initiatives, proyects, collaborations and applications developed by the group in Linked Data domain. As you can see, the group has developed and is still developing works in different domains(geographical, cultural, Open Data, etc) with public institutions (BNE, RTVE, IGN, etc) and companies(Grupo PRISA). We are also in charge of the Spanish DBpedia Chapter, esDBpedia. For further information, visit website


GeoLinked Data

GeoLinked Data (.es) is an open initiative aimed at enriching the Data Web with geospatial data taken form the Spanish national territory. This initiative started by publishing different geographical information sources and then making the sources available as RDF knowledge bases (Resource Description Framework), following the principles of Linked Data. These data are interrelated with other knowledge databases of the Linking Open Data initiative. Thus, Spain supports this initiative, which is also supported by countries such the United Kingdom and Germany.

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